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Every birth should be special. Whether it is at hospital or at home, your baby's arrival deserves to be celebrated. No matter how you deliver your baby, you can benefit from having a doula present. As your birth doula I will support, inform and nurture you through pregnancy, labour and delivery and the early days with your newborn. As your postnatal doula I will help you navigate the fourth trimester and your journey to becoming a parent with a calm reassurance that this is a time of transition but you will grow and thrive with my support. 

About Me

Mairéad Kavanagh


Following the births of my three young daughters, I trained with DONA International as a birth and postnatal doula.  I have significant experience working with parents of twins and have a special interest in this area.  I am currently training to become an Holistic Sleep Coach with BabyEm.

Based in Galway, I offer personalised prenatal, birth and postnatal care across the West of Ireland. I give you and your family the support and knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your pregnancy, labour and life with your new baby/babies. To find out more, please get in touch.

Hand on Bump

Prenatal Visits

We begin our relationship with a commitment -free meeting.

From there, I take the time to get to know you and stay in close contact. As your doula, I offer you personal support, encouragement and information and address your concerns.

During your pregnancy, delivery and postnatal period your health and wellbeing are my priority.


Labour and birth support

I provide you with continuous emotional and physical support during labour. By answering your questions, I hope to make your experience as calm and positive as possible. I can provide you with equipment to use during labour including a tens machine, birth ball, peanut ball and birth pool for early labour at home. I can also use specific acupressure and massage techniques to encourage induction of labour and assist with managing contractions. 

Mother and Baby

Postnatal Support

Studies have shown that postnatal doulas make a huge impact on a mothers' wellbeing .

In the early days and weeks of your newborn's life, I can come to your home to assist and support you. My aim is to help you feel confident in your new role as a parent during this time of adjustment.

I can help:

  • establish feeding

  • perform light household duties

  • prepare meals

  • look after the baby/babies while you nap or shower

  • and provide contacts for other local services and groups. 

Newborn Care

If you have an event coming up and need someone reliable to look after your newborn so you can attend then contact me. I can take care of your newborn at your home or attend the event with you and bring baby to you for feeding or cuddles whenever necessary. I will take the responsibility off your shoulders for a few hours so you can enjoy your event.

Parenting Multiples

I can support you in coming to terms with becoming parents to twins and multiples. I will help you to organise and prepare your home so you can welcome your babies into a space that is ready for them.

In the early weeks and months I can assist with pumping, tandem breast or bottle feeding, newborn care of multiples, gentle sleep techniques and looking after the babies so you can get a well deserved rest.


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